First post, what to expect

I started several blogs along the years. My last attempt was probably around 2011. I hope this one will last longer! So what to expect from this blog?

Programming and software architecture

I'm currently the CTO at MuseScore. Primarly, MuseScore is a desktop application written in C++/Qt. I'm also in charge of the development of the MuseScore mobile apps for both iOS and Android. So I will probably write about Qt, QML, C++ and mobile development.

MuseScore is also two websites and I'm not the webmaster of these two websites, but I did work on the development of both. The two websites are made with Drupal and PHP. In particular, I worked on the API and on the overall architecture of running on AWS. So you might expect post about Drupal, PHP, Javascript, Java and AWS services.

I'm learning Python which is becoming my scripting language of choice. I also like to dabble in Node.js. And I'm planning to play with Go in the coming months.

Music and Music Notation

I'm a drummer and music lover. MuseScore is all about music notation. Expect some posts about music in general, music notation in particular, and maybe drumming.


MuseScore is my first entrepeunarial endeavior. Putting in place a business model around a B2C free and open source software is challenging. I might post about this challenge and about the sheet music and music education market in general.

English mainly

Maybe you didn't figure it out yet but my mother tongue is French. I'm more confortable with English for technical topics, so I will mainly blog in English.

Happy reading!